Linking to a Page from Magento Category Navigation

To create a new page on Magento, which you can link to from the Category navigation, you can try the following:

Create a new directory inside your chosen template, for example:

Then create a new file in there called content.phtml

and add some content for the new page.

In magento admin go to:
CMS->Static Blocks

Add New Block (top right)

Block Title: Block Name
Identifier: block_identifier

In the white content space paste in:
{{block type=”core/template” template=”NewDirectoryName/content.phtml”}}

Save Block (top right)

Catalogue->Manage Categories

Create the Category

Display Settings Tab

Display Mode: Static Block Only

CMS Block: Chose the one you created earlier

Custom Design Tab

Page Layout: 1 Column

Save Category

You should now have a link in the navigation, which will load the content from content.phtml

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