GNUCash sync open reports between workstations

GNUCash is one of my favourite pieces of opensource software, and I have been using it for many years for doing accounts. Just in case it helps anyone else using it across multiple different devices, one thing I really like about the firefox browser is that you can now sync the open tabs across all your devices. So when you get home you have the same set-up on screen as on the computer you left earlier at work. I wanted to do the same thing with GNUCash so the same reports would be open on my workstation at home without having to recreate them and get the same set-up.

It’s very easy to do, you basically just need to copy the gcm file from the most recent device you’ve worked on. On my computers these are stored in:

c:\users\[username]\.gnucash\books\ (windows)
/home/[username]/.gnucash/books (linux)

Overwrite the existing file on the device you want to start working on, and you should have all the reports open, just as you had working on the previous computer.


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