London Marathon 2016

A bit slower this year, just dipping inside 3 hours, with 2:58:52. It’s my slowest time, but I really can’t complain as I’ve only been running once or twice a week with our new arrival at home, and lots on at work. Hopefully next year will be quicker, and maybe an Autumn marathon in 2017 too.

London Marathon 2015

Last weekend was the 35th London Marathon, it started way back in 1981. I was running for the 5th time, having first raced London in 2001 whilst working an internship in the city. I had a pretty good race all things considered, finishing in 2:46:30 which was close to my best (2:44:31). I was feeling pretty good up to about 18 miles, but started feeling quite sick from around 6 miles to the finish. I put that down to the energy drink and gel I took, and am quite tempted to try running on just water, or maybe 1 energy drink in the future. The ballot for the 2016 race opens on Monday 4th May, and it’s worth entering early (ie soon after midnight) as in recent years it’s closed within a matter of a few hours!

London Marathon 2014

Another year, another London Marathon – training went pretty well this year, and I ran my second quickest time, finishing 421st in 2:46:15. I wasn’t feeling great at half way, but seem to improve at about 19/20 miles, and ground out the last 10K.

The London Marathon has 3 starts which all join after about 3 or 4 miles. At my start I bumped into another local runner who I’d run with in a half marathon earlier in the year. As we had similar targets we agreed to work together, and he was hoping to meet up with a club mate going off another start. So we ran for 4 miles, and would you believe it as the two roads converged we met James coming down the other road 🙂

You always meet interesting people at running events – walking back to the station I was chatting to another finisher, who turned out to be in the Government of St Georgia (an island south east of the Falklands).

London Marathon 2013

Last year I ran in the Brighton Marathon, but I decided this year I would head up to London and run in the big one. The training was tough over the winter, as yet again the UK weather was unseasonably bad, with one of the coldest winters on record. The week before the marathon the race was hit by the sad news from Boston, but I think it gave most runners all the more conviction to run. I was two minutes down on my performance last year, finishing in a time of 2:48:46 but sneaking into the top 500. I was pretty pleased with the time, as I missed several weeks training with the flu, and really enjoyed the experience of running in a big city race again. I was raising money for Scope this year, and collected just over £400 in donations for the charity. My Virgin Money Giving page is: