Copying magento reviews from one store to another

Copying magento reviews one store to another is relatively simple by inserting new records directly in the database.

If you look at the table review_store you’ll see entries like:

review_id  store_id
10         1

To copy the review to a new store you just need to insert a new record, for example to copy the review to the store with id 2:

INSERT INTO review_store VALUES ('10','2');

review_id  store_id
10         2

Basic MySQL Backup Script

A basic bash script to backup all databases a few times a day, and compress the backup file. It stores the backup file using the name mysql_DAYOFTHEWEEK.sql.gz…


# Script to backup MySQL databases to a nas drive
# @author David C Boyce
# @created 2016-05-16

# Set up variables
FILE=/mnt/NASDRIVE/mysql_`date +"%A"`.sql

# Remove the old GZ File
rm ${FILE}.gz 2> /dev/null

# Make the backup
nice mysqldump --user=${USER} --all-databases > ${FILE}

# gzip the backup file
nice gzip ${FILE}

The backup can be scheduled to run at 9.30, 12.30, 17:30 and 20:30 by adding the following to crontab…

30 9,12,17,20 * * * /locationofscript/ >/dev/null 2>&1

There is a useful tool here to check/confirm what a crontab string will do…